since 2015




born in Hamburg

year abroad in Texas, USA

advanced technical certificate in design / Fachabitur

completed photography apprenticeship

photo assistant at TUSH Magazine / Armin Morbach

freelance photographer, photo and styling assistant

cityfuck group exhibition at turtur, Hamburg

urbane sedimente 2.0 exhibition at atelierhaus23, Hamburg

"21107" book release

Tapetenwechsel exhibition in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg

"I'M AFRAID THE MASQUERADE IS OVER" at plattform, Ernst-Deutsch-Theater

Wildwuchs Wunderwerke group exhibition at Wildwuchs Brauerei, Hamburg

Kate Kuklinski

Veringstraße 29

21107 Hamburg

+49 176 3073 1822

for all enquiries: contact@katekuklinski.com

feel free to contact me


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